Daily Routine

Get up Shower, bath or wash. Get dressed – all our young people are encouraged to help make their bed, and put their night clothes in the washing basket.

8.15am – 9am
Breakfast choice of various cereals, toast, yoghurts, scrambled eggs,and fruit.

School Day – Residential staff take young people to school and give the teachers a verbal handover of how the young person has been overnight, and over breakfast.

Young people at school

Young people return to the residence, accompanied by teaching staff who provide feedback on the day. Young people get changed and school uniforms are washed.

Tea – Usually a piece of cake, fruit or Yoghurt with a drink.

Activities – Each residential group has access to school vehicles twice a week, and the swimming pool once a week, so there is only one night a week, for the young people to walk into the local town or go for a walk in the local area. When using vehicles young people get involved in a vast range of activities from picnics or meals out, to visiting local attractions, leisure centres, cinemas or anything appropriate to the young people in that particular group. Young people also have chill out time in the residences, where they can listen to music, play with puzzles and toys, or watch TV.

Supper time – this is usually a cooked meal, with a selection of yoghurt or fruit for dessert.

7pm onwards
Young people engage in quieter activities for the evening in preparation for bed-time. These activities are painting, cutting and sticking, puzzles, computers, TV or DVD’s. Young people go to bed when they are ready, they usually have a bath or shower, and put their night clothes on and relax, most young people are in bed when the night staff arrive at 10pm.

Waking night staff and care staff sleeping in are available for problems through-out the night.