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"Every day we live and learn together"
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  • 30/11/2015
    Residential Statement of Purpose document uploaded
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15th April 2016

Important Notice

Please note that the website is in the process of being improved and updated at the moment. It is hoped the work will be done by the end of April but until then be aware that some information may not be entirely up to date and some pages and sections may be unavailable.

Thanks for your patience and check back regularly to see the new site in the next few weeks



Welcome to our website.  We hope it is informative and tells you all that you need to know about our school and residences.

Our school motto is “living and learning together”. Staff and children work hard to make sure that we develop together, not just academically but as  members of the community. Each individual is important to us and everyone makes up the  Oaklands Park team.

We can offer:

  • Day time education – up to 30 of our students come in and out every day
  • Weekly boarding
  • Termly boarding
  • 52 week placements

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you like our new Mosaic created by pupils during our Arts Week in March?  See it at our school entrance,

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